Hi, gang! We’ve got our new blog look all taken care of and it’s time to fire up the old keyboard again and let you know what’s going on.

As you probably are aware, Dr. Guleserian left Children’s Medical Center in Dallas last September and moved to Miami and Nicklaus Children’s, where she is putting together a Cardiac Transplantation Unit. So, of course, that means that she was pretty much socked in by Hurricane Irma last week, even though the storm didn’t hit Miami directly.  The backside of the big blow pushed Biscayne Bay up into the streets, trees and power lines were down, and water was everywhere. At Nicklaus Children’s it was All Hands On Deck. The staff moved into the hospital ready to offer aid as needed.

When it was all over, Dr. G’s condo had no water and no power, so she and her two “babies,” dogs Gus and Gigi, moved into her office at the hospital for several days. The power is back on at her place now, so that’s good. But like many people throughout the area, it’s going to take a while to get back to normal.

We’re putting together a plan to do a special sale of SURGEON’S STORY, with all proceeds going to Nicklaus Children’s. We’ll let you know as soon as its ready to roll.

Dr. Kris & Gigi

Dr. G and one of her “babies.”