Two Contributors

Cara & Lizzie

Coincidence or not, two of my good friends from my work in theater (I’m a stage actor in Dallas) wound up contributing to SURGEON’S STORY.

Cara Statham Serber is a very talented musical and dramatic actress, and also a mom to Libby and Allie. When Libby was six, she was diagnosed with a Wilms tumor on her kidney and, through a very rare medical occurrence, wound up in Dr. G’s surgery. Cara was kind enough to write the foreword to our book, and it became her way of publicly thanking the surgeon who saved her daughter’s life.


I’ve been photographing Lizzie Cochran since she was about ten years old. She was a charming, vital actor in many Dallas productions. And in her off time, she raised money for pediatric cancer research at Children’s Medical Center, totaling over $100,000. When college called, medicine trumped the stage and Lizzie is now a medical student at UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. That’s in addition to running her workout wear company, Epidemia Designs. Lizzie has been shadowing Dr. Guleserian and has decided to specialize in pediatric cardiothoracic surgery. You’ll read all about it in the afterword which Lizzie wrote for us.

I have such talented friends!

Surgeon's Story

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