More great reviews for Surgeon’s Story from regular readers, some of whom even have medical backgrounds, including work in heart surgery and transplant surgery. Here’s a just a sampling.

“Mark Oristano’s fantastic journey into the science of the human heart and one heroic doctor who repairs and replaces them, “Surgeons Story,” is an emotionally moving and awe-inspiring look into the daily magic and miracles performed in the Pediatric Heart Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. It’s also a partial biography of the book’s heroine, Dr. Kristine Guleserian (or Dr. G. For short.)”     John J. Kelly

“Great story. It is so reassuring that there are kind, thoughtful surgeons who are rock stars in their field. We all would hope that Kris would be available if our children, grandchildren needed her skill. A wonderful story of the brave children and parents cared for by Dr Gulesarian and her amazing life as a surgeon.”   Julie Stanton

“Surgeon’s Story” is so accurate & descriptive that it is AMAZING!! Dr. “G” is such a careful, caring human being who is also a PHENOMENAL PEDIATRIC SURGEON. I am a retired O.R. registered nurse with FIFTY YEARS O.R. experience. I would be proud & honored to work with Dr. “G” in surgery. I also have “held a heart” during OPEN HEART SURGERY and it is an awesome experience. Dr.”G” treats her O.R. team, interns, residents , fellow surgeons with respect and teaches as the occasion arises. She has wonderful rapport with her tiny patients and their families. Thank you Dr. G for your dedication.”            Dale

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