A Woman’s Work Is Never Done

It finally happened, an historic moment at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas in the cardiac O.R. An all-female team surrounded Dr. Kristine Guleserian for a heart procedure.


Since everybody looks alike in cap and mask, the names are, Kristine Guleserian, Tracy Geoffrion, Alycia Hawthorne, Riley Carpenter, Beth Brickner, Dawn Bryant, Dina Villaraza, and Sarah Clakley. Quote Dr. G: “Eight woman in the OR. Our patient was male. He’ll never be the same!”

The Heartbeat Goes On! (Note! Graphic video!)

The first time I saw it in the OR, I couldn’t believe it.  But it’s true.  Watch the video to see one of the most amazing things about the human heart. This was during a transplant Dr. G did .


Heart Kids Are Tough Kids

Ever since I’ve been volunteering at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas I’ve been constantly amazed by the toughness of the kids who are treated there.  And many of them also have huge hearts.  Not in the medical sense, but in the giving sense.  Many come back as teens and adults to volunteer.  The kid in the story in the link below isn’t from Children’s in Dallas, but the spirit is the same.

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