Back to my Old Stomping Grounds

Click here to listen to an interview I did this week with Jody Dean for KLUV-FM in Dallas, the last radio station I worked at in my sports career.


Pulmonary Valve Implant a la Red Sox

How does dedicated Red Sox fan Dr. G know when she’s done a correct pulmonary valve implant? You guessed it. When the imaging shows a “B” that looks like it came off a Boston cap. (This is not of her own design. They always look like this!)

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On the Air With an Old Friend

Back to my old stomping grounds, CBS Radio in Dallas, for an interview with one of my long-time colleagues, Mitch Carr of Newsradio 1080 KRLD, discussing Surgeon’s Story. As you can tell, I don’t much like doing selfies.

Here’s the interview…

Mitch Carr with Surgeon’s Story author Mark Oristano

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First Publicity

The Armenian Mirror-Spectator, an Armenian-American publication located in Boston, was kind enough to give us our first big dose of publicity for Surgeon’s Story, which makes sense when you consider that Dr. Guleserian is of Armenian decent.

Here’s the link to the story,

A Different Heart Pioneer

We often talk about the pioneers of heart surgery — The people who developed artificial devices to improve surgical outcomes, etc. But we sometimes forget it isn’t just doctors, nurses and techs in the OR. There’s a human being lying on that operating table, and they can be just as pioneering.

Check out one such pioneer by clicking here!

Treatment of Congenital Heart Defects

If you haven’t been with us long, you may want to take a look at this excellent overview article on congenital heart defects and treatment.

Click to go to article.

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It’s Been a Long Haul

It was seven years ago that I went into the office of Dr. Kristine Guleserian and suggested we write a book together.

“What about?” she asked.

“About you,” I replied.

“Nobody wants to read about me,” she said.

“Everybody wants to read about you. They just don’t know it yet.”

After dozens of nights in surgery, long periods in her office asking question after question, and numerous interview and editing dates scrubbed because a child need a heart surgery, we’re finally done. SURGEON’S STORY is at press, and will be on shelves in almost no time. I know we’ve promised a lot of different release dates, and we’ve had to change our schedule more often than I might have liked. I appreciate your patience, and I promise we’ll have purchase information up here very, very soon.

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About To Go To Press

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