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What is it like to hold the beating heart of a two-day old child in your hand?

Noted pediatric heart surgeon Dr. Kristine Guleserian has opened up her OR, and her career, to author Mark Oristano to create SURGEON’S STORY.

Kids, Transplants, the Red Sox, & the Glass Ceiling

What is it like to counsel distraught parents as they make some of the most difficult decisions of their lives?

What is it like to stand on a small stool in the operating room for 14 or more hours, with no breaks for food, drink, bathroom… anything?

Author Mark Oristano takes you on a journey with Dr. Kristine Guleserian and the incredibly dramatic story of a heart transplant operation for a two-year old girl whose own heart was rapidly dying.


Mark Oristano


Mark Oristano has been a professional writer/journalist since the age of 16. He grew up in suburban New York and moved to Texas in 1970 to attend Texas Christian University.

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Kris Guleserian turned a cum laude degree in Greek classics from Harvard into one of the most important surgical careers in the country.

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Surgeon's Story

SURGEON'S STORY - Second Edition Now For Sale

With new stories from the fascinating career of pediatric heart surgeon Dr. Kristine Guleserian. Available now on Amazon and at book stores.